Nehalem Pacific is located in Qingdao’s Hi-Tech Zo
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  • Nehalem Pacific is a 100% foreign invested enterprise and American managed.
    Nehalem Pacific is located in Qingdao's Hi-Tech Zone (Chengyang District) strategically nearby Qingdao's international ocean shipping port (4th largest in China and 7th globally).
    Nehalem Pacific is focused on providing its industrial and military industry base of customers with the highest quality wood based crating and packaging, which is consistent in quality and meets rigid military and industrial specifications. In addition to quality and consistency, Nehalem Pacific assigns the highest priority to strict logistics management (resulting in consistently shipping on time) and friendly, pro-active after sales service and support.
    Nehalem Pacific exports its product to over 20 countries worldwide.

    Nehalem Pacific

    Department of Defense Military Moving Boxes

    Integrity and attention to detail attention liability concerns